Marcel (seated), Cecilia (red and black jacket), and Marinda Steyn (grey jacket), with Zak Valentine (burgundy shirt), appear at the High Court in Johannesburg on charges related to 11 killings. File picture: Shain Germaner
Cape Town - Cecilia Steyn, Zak Valentine and Marcel Steyn, who formed part of a Satanic cult carrying out a spate of murders in Krugersdorp, are due back in the Johannesburg High C ourt for pre-sentencing proceedings on Monday.

The trio have been convicted of 11 murders - most of them connected to a local church group - as well as crimes related to fraud, robbery, intimidation and racketeering. 

In June this year Cecilia, who according to testimony before the court described herself as the most powerful witch in the world and Satan's bride, was found by Judge Jacob Francis to be the "mastermind" behind the crimes. 

Witnesses told the court how Cecelia faked illness to extort thousands from them. In one instance a close friend allegedly gave her R100 000 to help with her medical expenses.

"Cecilia benefited from all proceeds and made sure she did not dirty her hands. She was at all times briefed of all the criminal activities," Judge Francis said while handing down judgment.

Under the apparent direction of Cecilia, Zak, Le Roux , his mother Marinda, 51, and his sister Marcel, 20, began their killing spree in 2012 in Krugersdorp and it lasted until 2016.  Valentine's wife  Mikeila was one of their victims .  

Marinda, a former high school teacher, was sentenced to a total of 115 years behind bars while Le Roux  was handed a 25-year sentence after agreed to testify against his four co-accused. 

After splitting from a church group called Overcomers Through Christ (OTC), Cecilia - who claims to be a reformed Satanist - and her friends formed the Electus Per Deus (Chosen by God). This split, apparently as a result of a fallout between Cecelia and OTC's leader Ria Grunewald, allegedly sparked the killing spree.