15/11/2012. This unroadworthy truck was impounded by Tshwane Metro Police in Pretoria yesterday. Picture: Thobile Mathonsi

Pretoria -

A damaged truck with a displaced windscreen was taken off the road by Tshwane metro police officials on Thursday for being unroadworthy.

According to the police, the truck had been travelling from Cape Town to a Pretoria-based panel beater where it would be fixed for various defects, including a displaced windscreen, body works and a gaping hole in its grille.

Tshwane metro police spokesman Console Tleane said officers were conducting a routine check-up in (Kgosi Mampuru) Potgieter Street. He said there had been many truck accidents in the area in the past.

“The truck is in a bad condition and we have decided to remove its licence disc,” he said. “The use of a photocopy licence disc is also illegal; a car or truck must display the original licence disc,” he said.

Tleane said the truck could only be allowed back on the road once it had been fixed and a legal licence disc had been obtained.

The 52-year-old driver was not arrested and was handed a R1 500 ticket by the metro police.

Paul Brink, of Impala Panelbeaters, confirmed that the truck had been travelling from Cape Town.

He said he would repair the truck but had not yet seen it to issue a quote.

The owners of the truck were not available for comment.

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