Picture: Sibusiso Ndlovu/ANA Pictures

Johannesburg - Gauteng has become the latest province to fall victim to rock throwers, and Joburg motorists were on Tuesday cautioned to remain vigilant when travelling. 

This comes days after two motorists reportedly fell victim to rock throwing incidents while driving on the N1 South Highway in the Midrand area. 

Khadeeja Gani on Sunday posted images on social media of her car after it was allegedly hit with rocks on the highway.

"This is what happens when soul-less freaks throw rocks off bridges and murder people for sh*ts and giggles!

"This happened early evening an hour after sunset," an irate Gani shared on her Facebook page. 

Gani added that she was fortunate to have been travelling with family members in a convoy. 

Another user also shared his story, explaining that his wife's car was also hit with a rock at the same spot. 

Joburg Metro Police Department's Edna Mamonyane confirmed that JMPD was aware of numerous rock throwing incidents happening across the city. 

She added that most of them occurred on highways, particularly the N12, N12-N1 split, Golden Highway as well as on the N1. 

"The perpetrators often stand on pedestrian bridges or in well-hidden areas, making it hard to catch them," she said.

"These people usually throw rocks as a way to get motorists to stop and then rob them of any valuables in the car."

She then advised motorists to not stop should they fall victim to rock throwers, unless injured, and to drive on to their nearest police station. 

Mamonyane confirmed that law enforcement officials had been deployed to these hot spots to maintain visibility.

"We are patrolling these areas, along with members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) and Gauteng Traffic police," she said.