Glass access barriers were broken when vandals attacked Park Station in the Johannesburg CBD on Tuesday. Picture: Prasa Security
Johannesburg - Park Station in Johannesburg came under attack by a group of vandals who damaged property and looted a number of shops on Tuesday afternoon.

Security guards employed by Prasa say a number of people forced their way into the station and proceeded to attack and loot shops, break glass access gates, smash ticket box windows and even damage cars.

According to Prasa, a train set was also stoned and the windshield broken, putting it out of commission until repairs can be effected.

While calm has subsequently returned to the busy station, Prasa says it will step up security and increase the presence of police to prevent a recurrence of the incident.

A number of businesses were looted by the group. Picture: Prasa Security

The windshield of a train set was damaged in the attack on Park Station. Picture: Prasa Security

Picture: Prasa Security
"Prasa will increase security at the station along with police presence.  Prasa will not allow itself to be harassed by criminals.  We have the necessary security personnel to ensure such an incident does not repeat itself again," said Prasa group CEO Dr Nkosinathi Sishi.

Prasa has appealed to anyone with information about the attack to contact the police.