Gauteng Premier David Makhura File picture: Jacques Naude/ANA Pictures

Johannesburg - Gauteng Premier David Makhura was on Friday asked to intervene in the escalating violence between the e-hailing service Uber and meter taxis. 

This follows the recent flare up of violence between the two that resulted in three cars being set alight in Sandton on Thursday night. 

According to reports, two cars belonging to Uber drivers were petrol bombed outside the Sandton Gautrain Station allegedly by metered taxi drivers.

Following this, Uber drivers vowed to take revenge and moved to the metered taxi rank, setting one car alight. 

Minister of Transport Joe Maswanganyi has since reacted to the latest incident, condemning the act of violence and reminding operators of the agreement reached with government. 

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The DA said that the battle between Uber and meter taxis had escalated into a full blown war which Makhura could no longer ignore.

"Last night’s horrific scenes on the streets of Sandton demand the need for leadership and intervention from the highest levels of government.

"Gauteng commuters, both residents and tourists, are becoming collateral damage in a turf war between e-hailing and meter cabs."

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The party urged Makhura to intervene and meet with the various stakeholders "in order to formulate a programme of action that will ensure lasting peace and prevent further violence on the province’s streets".

Adding to this was the Pan Africanist Congress, who expressed concern over the escalating violence between the two, which would put passengers' lives in danger. 

The party also called on law enforcement agencies to intervene and arrest those responsible for the ongoing attack.

"Those who are found to be on the wrong side of the law should not only face the might of the law but withdrawal of their permits to carry our people," spokesperson Kenneth Mokgatlhe said.

Police have since confirmed that the situation is back to normal and that an investigation is currently underway. No arrests have been made.