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Johannesburg - A young man died when he was hit by a vehicle while trying to alert motorists of a collision near Sandton on Sunday evening.

Paramedics were unable to immediately confirm his age but said that he was a university student.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Nick Dollman explained that at around 6pm, an off-duty paramedic was travelling on the N3 southbound before the Marlboro off-ramp when he noticed some commotion on the side of the highway. 

“As he tried to safely make his way over to the emergency lane, he noticed a man crying and then realised that there had been a collision,” said Dollman.

The emergency service worker then safely parked his vehicle on the side of the road so that he could assist the traumatised man.

According to Dollman, the man told the paramedic that his car broke down and that his son went to warn other motorists.

“The man alleged that their vehicle had broken down and his son went down the highway with a torch to warn motorists of a hazard ahead and was struck by a passing vehicle.”

Upon further observation, the paramedic noticed that the man’s son was motionless and attempted to assist him.

“He fetched his medical bag and called his ‘on duty’ colleagues for assistance,” said Dollman. “The paramedic intubated the victim and initiated and continued CPR and ventilating the victim until additional assistance arrived.”

But despite further care from other medics who arrived on the scene, the man was confirmed dead.

“Tragically despite the efforts of the paramedic and the medical team that joined him, the young man died at the scene as a result of the severe injuries that he had sustained,” said Dollman.

He added that the exact cause of the incident and preceding events would be investigated by the police. Dollman also said the accident was not a hit and run as the man who hit the youngster stopped.

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