The ruins of the old Orlando Power Station. Opportunists continue to enter the ruins despite the dangers. The abandonned power station collapsed trapping an unkown number of people. 260614. Picture: Chris Collingridge 828

Johannesburg - Three more bodies were being retrieved on Monday evening from a collapsed building in Power Park, Soweto, Johannesburg emergency services said.

“Emergency personnel are currently retrieving three more bodies which were identified today at Power Park around 4pm,” said spokesman Robert Mulaudzi.

The bodies were discovered by security officials working in the area, he said.

“At this stage we have already retrieved one body and are currently approaching the second one. The third body is currently trapped under a lot of rubble which might take us some time to reach it since we have to remove a lot of debris before we get to it,” said Mulaudzi.

The building, an old power station behind the landmark Orlando towers, collapsed last month.

So far, seven bodies have been found in the collapsed building. Four were retrieved previously by emergency services.

Officials found out about the collapse when paramedics received a call from an injured man who claimed to have been part of a group allegedly trying to steal cables and metal from the building.