Traffic meltdown at the Glenhove off ramp leading out og Johannesburg. Johannesburg woke up to a heavy downpour of rain this morning causing isolated incidents of traffic congestion. Picture: Antoine de Ras, 31/01/2014

Johannesburg - With more rain forecast, Tshwane motorists have been urged to take care when crossing low-lying bridges in the metropole.

“At present, all low-lying bridges remain under [the] watchful eye of emergency services, and will be closed if a potentially [dangerous] or disastrous situation is detected,” Tshwane Emergency Services spokesman Johan Pieterse said.

Flooding had been reported along the Hennops River, which runs through Centurion, and the situation was being monitored.

“Members of the public are urged to stay vigilant, especially near low-lying bridges, until the situation normalises,” he said.

Residents were also urged to keep their children away from open water, including rivers and ponds.

“Motorists are warned not to cross low-water bridges when in flood, as the water has the potential to sweep cars from the bridge downstream.”

Pieterse said motorists should avoid making U-turns during rainy weather because visibility was poor and it might cause an accident.