SOLLY Msimanga’s unnamed attacker has apologised and says no money is owed to him.
SOLLY Msimanga’s unnamed attacker has apologised and says no money is owed to him.

Msimanga’s attacker apologises for beating, says no money is owed

By IOL Reporter Time of article published May 6, 2021

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JOHANNESBURG: The man who allegedly beat up DA Gauteng leader Solly Msimanga for supposedly owing him R1.4 million has apologised after he was arrested by police on Thursday.

The unidentified man, who is understood to be a business partner of Msimanga’s cousin, appeared to record part of the scuffle, with a badly bruised Msimanga bleeding from the mouth.

The incident took place inside an unspecified factory in Ekurhuleni.

“You are a thief. You owe me money and I want it. You f*****g thief,” the man shouted at Msimanga.

In another video, the unidentified man, apologised to Msimanga.

“There was an unfortunate misunderstanding this afternoon that resulted in a scuffle with Mr Msimanga, and my apologies for him being hurt in the scuffle. The issue is resolved, no monies are outstanding. No further comment on this.”

The DA in Gauteng also released a statement, where they applauded the police for swiftly arresting the suspect.

“The DA condemns this vicious and criminal attack on the provincial leader. Our country’s Constitution asserts the rule of law as a founding provision. If there is a disagreement, whether involving money or not, South Africans should commit to working through the parameters of the law to resolve their differences.

“No one has the right to take the law into their own hands, and compromise the rights of others, as occurred today. Violence is definitely not the answer,” the party said.

The party said Msimanga did not owe the money and they explained that Msimanga had been on a social visit to his cousin in Benoni when the assailant, a business partner of the cousin, attacked Msimanga's family member.

“Mr Msimanga tried to intervene when he, too, was attacked. While on video, the assailant then accused Mr Msimanga, who was on the phone to police, that Mr Msimanga owed him money.

“The assailant was arrested by police and has since publicly apologised to Mr Msimanga, confirming that no money was owed to him by Mr Msimanga.

“The assailant also offered to pay the medical expenses and other losses Mr Msimanga may have suffered in the process,” said the DA.


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