Karabo Mokoena Picture: Twitter

Johannesburg - Sandile Mantsoe, accused of murdering his girlfriend of seven months, Karabo Mokoena, was denied bail by the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court on Friday.

Magistrate Carlos Labuschagne read into record that Mantsoe was facing charges of murder and defeating the ends of justice, while handing down his bail judgement. The charges constitute a schedule six criminal offence, which could result in life imprisonment if found guilty.

He said Mantsoe only submitting an affidavit was not the best option for applying for bail. The magistrate added that his replying affidavit contradicted his admission to the police and this had created doubt in the mind of the court. 

Mantsoe, 27, has been behind bars for about a month after he allegedly murdered and set alight Karabo Mokoena, his girlfriend of seven months, and buried her in a shallow grave in Bramley.

Earlier, Labuschagne said that Mantsoe had wrongfully and intentionally burnt the body of Mokoena, cleaned the crime scene and knew his actions would result in her body being burnt beyond recognition.

"He is married but separated with his wife and has three children, the court accepts that he is not the primary care giver of his children," Labuschagne said.

He read that the merits of the case, according to Mantsoe, were that Mokeona had asked him to pick her up and they proceeded to his apartment in Sandton. He left to meet someone for business and found Mokoena lying motionless on the carpet on his return. 

He checked her pulse and there was no sign of life. He panicked and knew that he would be accused of killing her because he was depicted as an abuser. He went in and out of the apartment before putting her body in a dustbin and burning her with a tyre and petrol.

According to Mantsoe, she had previously taken pills and was saved by himself and a security guard, which was why he believed she had committed suicide.

"Mokoena's body was identified by means of DNA," Labuschagne added.

"It is not clear whether she was alive or not when she was burnt as the postmortem was still not available."

Labuschagne read that investigations showed that Mokoena was not suicidal and was abused by Mokoena. 

"He told police that he killed her for a blood ritual, the purpose of the ritual was to increase their bond and success of his business, therefor had to sacrifice her to break the jinx."

The matter was adjourned to July 28.