#NotInMyName warns rogue 'men of God': We’re coming for you soon

Published Feb 8, 2019


Pretoria – Civil rights movement #NotInMyname on Friday warned self-proclaimed “men of God” who sexually abuse their fervent followers that strong consequences will soon follow.

“The issue of rape and the culture of abuse in South Africa, it is becoming very evil. As you are seeing that it is now moving over into the schools. We have seen the Valhalla case. It is moving over into churches, the likes of Timothy Omotoso. There is another [church leader] here in Pretoria who is well-known to us. He is facing some serious issues at the moment but at the right time we are going to reveal and make sure he gets the necessary spotlight for doing these things to girls,” #NotInMynameSA secretary general Themba Masango said while speaking to African News Agency.

#NotInMyNameSA was picketing outside the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on Friday, where a teacher was appearing for sexually assaulting learners at Valhalla Primary School in Centurion. 

The matter was postponed to February 13. 

The male teacher faces seven counts of sexual assault. 

Earlier this week, #NotInMyNameSA was protesting at the Port Elizabeth High Court where disgraced Nigerian Pastor Timothy Omotoso was appearing on several charges, including rape and human trafficking. 

Picture: Jonisayi Maromo/African News Agency (ANA)

The “man of God” faces 63 main charges and 34 alternative counts which include human trafficking, rape, sexual assault, racketeering and conspiracy in aiding another person to commit sexual assault.  

His two alleged henchwomen, Lusanda Sulani and Zukiswa SithoSulani, are accused of recruiting girls from all over the country for purposes of sexual exploitation. 

The 58-year-old televangelist allegedly trafficked more than 30 girls and women who were from various branches of his Jesus Dominion International Church to a house in Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal, where he allegedly sexually exploited them. 

Church congregants were also in attendance at the Omotoso case, singing and dancing outside the court in support of the man they affectionately refer to as “daddy".

African News Agency/ANA

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