File picture: ER24
Johannesburg – One person died and 12 scholars were injured when a bakkie and taxi collided and crashed into a pedestrian in Vereeniging on Monday, paramedics said.

ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring said that when paramedics arrived on the scene, they found the taxi in a roadside drainage ditch and the bakkie was parked a short distance away.

“Upon closer inspection, paramedics discovered the body of a man, believed to be in his 30s, lying a few feet from the wrecked bakkie. The man was assessed and found to have sustained numerous injuries and showed no signs of life. Unfortunately, nothing could be done for the man and he was declared dead on the scene,” Meiring said.

“Approximately 13 other patients were found on the scene. 11 of these patients were found to be scholars on their way home from school. Assessments showed that the injuries sustained ranged from minor to moderate.”

Meiring said said the injured people were treated on the scene before they were transported to various hospitals for further medical treatment.

The exact cause of the accident was not known and would be investigated, he said.