A man over the age of 60 died from an asthma attack while hiking with a group of people at the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve in Joburg. Picture: Chris Collingridge
Johannesburg – A man over the age of 60 died while hiking with a group of people at the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve in Joburg on Wednesday morning.

It is alleged that the man collapsed and died from natural causes before 11am.

One of the hikers called emergency services, but ER24 spokesperson Annine Siddall, said: “Paramedics arrived on the scene and found the man lying on the hiking trail not breathing.

“Immediate resuscitation efforts were started, but unfortunately they were unsuccessful and the man was declared dead on the scene. It is believed the man suffered an asthma attack.”

In terms of the indemnity of hikers in the reserve, Joburg City Parks spokesperson Jenny Moodley said: “The man was part of a scheduled walk by Joburg City Parks called the Happy Hobblers Walking Group, a group of 10-15, when he collapsed.”

Moodley said this was the first time such an incident had happened while the group were on the trail.

ER24 paramedics notified local authorities and family members of the incident.

Siddall said: “It is believed the son of the deceased was called to the scene.”

Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve Association spokesperson David White said: “When entering the nature reserve, it would be at your own risk. It is expected that elderly or young people walk on the trails accompanied by five or more people.”

After further enquiries about the incident, White told The Star there was no death reported. “It is unfortunate the emergency services decided to inform the media of such an incident without notifying the management of the reserve,” he said.

Police spokesperson Captain Nokulunga Dube said: “If there was a reported case to the SAPS, it would have been under an inquest investigation. It would be the responsibility of the family to report the death to the SAPS.”

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