PICS: Chaos at #WitsFeesWillFall protest

Published Oct 16, 2015


Johannesburg - Chaos erupted at Wits university on Friday night shortly before a meeting between vice chancellor Adam Habib, chairman of the university council Randall Carolissen and the students.

Students rushed frantically after the university's security personnel threw teargas at them. Some students were forced to splash their faces with water. Paramedics also attended to a student who had broken his leg in the scuffle and to another who collapsed outside.

Shortly afterwards students barricaded doors leading to the Senate house with chairs and tables.

Habib sat on cushions on the floor in the packed Senate House.

Students said their stance remained the same - they wanted fees decreased.

Several attempts to address them proved futile. By 8pm the students said they were not giving up adding they were dealing with intellectual thugs and to think the same way.

The Star

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