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Johannesburg - Gauteng police are looking for a suspect linked to the alleged kidnapping and murder of two Kagiso siblings whose decomposed bodies were found buried in a shallow grave in Soweto last week. 

A murder case was opened after the bodies of the boy and girl, aged 11 and 10 respectively, were discovered by a passerby at a veld behind Slovoville cemetery last Monday. 

They were found blindfolded and with their hands tied. 

Captain Kay Makhubele on Tuesday confirmed that a family member had come forward and identified the bodies. 

"The family of the deceased came and identified the kids with the clothing and shoes they were wearing," he said.

Makhubele said that this was the same description used by the family, from Kagiso, when they opened a kidnapping case. 

He explained that the case was opened last month after neighbours reported seeing the children leave with their mother's boyfriend following an altercation between the two. 

"It's alleged that the mother and her boyfriend fought, following which the boyfriend left. He then returned when the mother was not around, took the children in a car and left.

"This was witnessed by neighbours but raised no suspicion as they knew of his relationship with the mother. It's only when the mother began looking for the children that they informed her of what happened."

The mother then allegedly received a call threatening the safety of the children if she did not do as she was told. It was then that a case was opened at the Kagiso police station.

Makhubele explained that the boyfriend came under suspicion after he disappeared in the wake of the incident and since the opening of the case. 

"Police are still searching for the suspect and no arrests had been made," he said.

He refused to divulge the children's identity as the investigation was still at a "sensitive stage".