Johannesburg - A Gauteng daycare centre principal paid just R30 for the Powerball ticket that changed her life forever. She won a whopping R36 million earlier in April.

While the woman had been playing Lotto for some time, and once she found out about Quick Pick (where the numbers are randomly picked by a computer at the point of sale) on the radio this quickly became her preferred method of playing.

Her winning ticket was, in fact, a Quick Pick selection, making her one of approximately 60 winners so far this year who have struck it lucky using this method.

“I could not believe what my son was telling me. He is the one that checked the numbers on TV and he literally fell on his knees, screaming: ‘We won,’” the ecstatic woman said.

In addition to her work at the daycare centre, the woman owns a small community-based business and is involved in numerous community upliftment projects.

“Having worked on community projects that have been sustained by donations for many years, I know how good it feels to be on the receiving end. Now that I am a jackpot winner, I want to be on the giving side, and help those in need.” 

Besides continuing her community work, the woman told Ithuba's financial planners she intends to relax, entertain friends and family and enjoy the peace of mind that her newfound wealth has brought.

“I would like to encourage South Africans to really keep playing PowerBall and the Lotto because I have seen it with my own eyes that winning is possible. I only spent R30 on my ticket and in turn won millions.”, the grateful winner said.