Convicted racist Vicki Momberg during her bail application pending leave to appeal at the Randburg Magistrate's Court. Picture: African News Agency/ANA

Johannesburg - Convicted racist Vicki Momberg was granted bail pending leave to appeal of her conviction and sentence by the Randburg Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

State prosecutor Yusuf Baba said 30 July Momberg was granted leave to appeal in the high court.

"The State will not be opposing bail." 

Baba said one of the reasons the State would not be opposing bail was because Momberg had spent four months in prison and would be legible for parole in about two months. He added that she was not considered a flight risk.

Momberg was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison with one year suspended in March and was previously denied leave to appeal. 

Before proceeding, Kingdom Onah, for Momberg, requested that she was unshackled as it was against her constitutional rights.

In 2016, she was caught on camera using the K word 48 times to a police officer who was trying to assist her after she was involved in an alleged smash and grab incident.

Onah told the court that Momberg was 49 years old, was previously a real estate agent and that she had no source of income and her parents were pensioners.

"The defence has spoken to her family and friends and they were able to raise R2 000." 

Onah said by agreement with the State, he would be able to return to court for an update on the appeal on 5 November.

Momberg said through Onah that if there were conditions, she requested that she be allowed to travel to Durban.

Magistrate Pravina Raghoonandan granted Momberg R2000 bail pending the finalisation of the appeal of her sentence and conviction.

The matter was postponed to 5 November.

African News Agency/ANA