The Rand Show at the Johannesburg Nasrec Expo Centre. Picture: ANA Pictures
Johannesburg – Visitors to the Rand Show may end up spending more than just their time at the annual expo, as the 10-day event doesn’t come cheap.

The expo kicked off on Friday at the Johannesburg Nasrec Expo Centre.

Thokozile Magutshwa brought her family of 10 to enjoy the fun-filled experience, though she said she had no choice but to budget for the show.

From the moment you enter the show to the moment you leave you may find yourself spending a couple of rand-elas.

Magutshwa told The Star that because the ticket prices differ, she had to pony up R1 040 just for her family’s entrance fee.

“The only benefit was that one got in for free,” she laughed.

“For us we think ahead because we bring our kids here every year,” said Magutshwa.

“We look forward to it For tickets, food and rides we budgeted close to R3 000, but the kids save up their money for things like ice creams, sweets and stuff like that,” Magutshwa said.

In terms of advice for a family who plan to attend the Rand Show, Magutshwa said: “Save up beforehand, having a target, (so you can) say I will be spending a certain amount of money.”

A regular consumer of the Rand Show, Eelridge White, told The Star that everything as a whole is expensive at the show. “You know, you bring the kids and the rides, (the prices) are crazy. They obviously don’t want to go on one ride, but five to six rides. I found out that the rides were about R50 a ride. I can’t even mention how much money I spent.”

Hans van Niekerk, a Rand Show consumer who has spent the past 15 years visiting the show, said that he spent at least R6 000 on the fun-filled day with friends and family.

But the show’s expenses are not much of a problem for Van Niekerk, who said: “The best memories I have of time spent at the Rand Show have to be with my friends and family members.”

Many consumers complained about the prices of food sold at the show, with a regular burger costing at least R45.

The heritage brand that keeps on evolving year in and year out offers consumers a number of fun things to do with family and friends. The Free Flight Bird Show, Milking Barn, Gardenworld Go Green Zone and Science Shows are all on offer, as well as a chance to experience real snow at one of the stands.

It has been an important event in the city for many years, attracting more than 200 000 people annually. The show is expected to run until April 23.

The Star