Model agency boss Dawie de Villiers in the dock. Picture: ANA

Johannesburg - Pre-sentencing proceedings for the model agency boss Dawie De Villiers will resume in the South Gauteng High Court on Thursday. 

In February, the founder of Modelling South Africa (PTY) was found guilty of rape, sexual assault, sexual grooming, fraud, exposure of pornography to children and access to child pornography.

On September 12, the case was postponed after the judge had to attend to another matter. Sentencing has been postponed several times pending transcripts of the trial.

During the previous proceedings Prosecutor Arveena Persad argued that it was not in the interest of justice to allow De Villiers to continue to be out on R15,000 bail despite being found guilty of rape.

Persad, told the court that she would like to put it on record “that Judge Moosa has requested that the matter be heard at the High Court in Pretoria as he will be dealing with another matter there”.

African News Agency