File photo: Itumeleng English/African News Agency (ANA).
File photo: Itumeleng English/African News Agency (ANA).

SACP wants Joburg placed under administration

By BALDWIN NDABA Time of article published Dec 8, 2019

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The South African Communist Party (SACP) wants the City of Joburg to be placed under administration, accusing the ANC regional leadership of allegedly sidelining the communists.

SACP Linda Jabane District secretary Afrika Masoa has also condemned the election of Geoff Makhubo who was elected mayor following a coalition agreement with parties that previous co-aligned with the DA.

“These individuals have taken a conscious decision and acknowledge that with traditional alliance and working class as a base there is no prospects of clinching bourgeois power.

“They have pushed and are now cobbling with new alliances that are anti-working class, reducing traditional alliance to nothing, away from its political engagement located to advancing the national democratic revolution, address the colonialisation of special type features and apartheid legacy which are still rife and persistent,” Masoa said.

He further said: “We still hold our firm believe that the City of Johannesburg must be placed under administration. This believe is located to the counter accusations that are made by two previous administration against each other about corruption and failure to prove it, and it is not only corruption which is at the centre in the city but there are other governance issues at stake in this arranged government which is made out of individuals with irreconcilable antagonisms.

“To protect the working-class who have nothing at their disposal to fend for themselves, placing city under administration would see ANC alliance led government of Gauteng province with their interest at heart saving them,” Masoa said.   

He said the interest of those in power in the city “all of them, have never been and will never be that of good governance, poverty alleviation, doing away with race, inequality nor building one city, one nation, but private accumulation.”

“As the district, we will await if it happens that secretariat is called to discuss agenda for a political councils, not to be briefed and be allowed only to register our disappointments. To rid the working class in the City of Johannesburg of all these atrocities, we will work hard to re-configure the alliance and we do this with an understanding that the battle for re-configuration of the alliance will never be won through round table discussions but through struggles among the masses with the masses.

“This we would do to consolidate working-class hegemony, play our vanguard role, become progressive activist and fight with the masses to ensure that we enjoy the fruits of our revolution, fight persistent corruption and other social ills reversing the gains of our revolution,” Masoa said.

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