Murdered Karabo Mokoena's charred body was found in a shallow grave in Johannesburg. File picture: Supplied

Johannesburg - Eerie details of a sacrificial ritual with an unknown "spiritual leader" could be the reason Karabo Mokoena was brutally killed and incinerated.

These harrowing revelations emerged on Thursday during day four of Sandile Mantsoe's trial, where Constable Helen Mahwete told the High Court in Joburg of the murder suspect's alleged admission.

Mahwete told the court that Mantsoe told her that he killed and burnt Karabo because of a ritual they both had to do should they separate from their romantic relationship.

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Mantsoe allegedly admitted to Mahwete that, when he began dating Karabo, they went to an unknown person named Master, who performed a ghastly ritual to connect them spiritually and so that their foreign exchange business could be strong.

Master, who Mantsoe allegedly refused to say was either male or female, told them that, should they break up, a ritual had to be done.

Mantsoe said Karabo was aware of the conditions of their relationship, including the sacrifice.

However, Mantsoe's defence Advocate Victor Simelane said his client would take the stand and deny ever making the admission.

The accused is facing three charges of assault with the intention to do grievous body harm, murder and defeating the ends of justice. He has pleaded not guilty to all three charges.

The trial continues.

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