Soccer analyst sorry for anti-gay tweets

Screengrab: Twitter

Screengrab: Twitter

Published Apr 9, 2015



Johannesburg - Football analyst Coudjoe Amankwaa has stated that homophobic statements tweeted on his Twitter account weren’t made by him.

He made this statement, along with an apology, during a disciplinary meeting with his employer, the SABC.

On Sunday, Amankwaa tweeted that “gayism” was “a problem” and an “abnormality”.

The Ghanaian-born soccer expert first tweeted: “Is gay a naturally born condition or a choice?”

When people on the social media site responded angrily to his statement, he said: “The mere fact that you cannot respond rationally on the issues of gayism shows that it’s a problem and abnormality.”

He has withdrawn all the statements regarding homosexuality that caused an uproar on his Twitter account.

SABC spokesman Kaizer Kganyago said: “Amankwaa has indicated that his account was used by someone without his authorisation. However, he takes full responsibility for this as the account used belongs to him.”

“The SABC has decided to accept his apology and serve him with a written warning.”

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