Mpho Chuma is healing after being stabbed 24 times, allegedly by her former boyfriend, in January. Picture: Thobile Mathonsi/African News Agency/ANA

Pretoria - The woman who was stabbed allegedly by her former boyfriend says her life has been stagnant since the incident.

“I no longer go to work and I have not been out with friends since,” said 24-year-old Mpho Chuma.

Thabiso Mkhonto was arrested for allegedly stabbing her more than 24 times at his Nellmapius home early in January. He was scheduled to appear in court again today.

Chuma said she had broken up with Mkhonto last November after she saw his violent side. She said that in the three and half years, she had been in a relationship with Mkhonto, he was a perfect gentleman.

“He was everything I wanted in a man; he treated me well and would do anything for me. But I started seeing this other side of him when he had an argument with his mother and started hitting walls with fists and manhandling me in the street.

“I broke up with him and told him he needed to get help, and that I would even accompany him to psychologists to get that help. It was on that Sunday after I had worked nightshift at a club where I was employed (as a waitress). He had asked that I accompany him to a psychologist.

“But little did I know it was on that day that I was going to be brutally stabbed.

“I have spoken to psychologists and although they have helped me here and there, I feel there are some things that I just have to deal with and heal on my own.

“It has really been hard dealing with this because at some point I don't want to share some of the things that I am going through or the nightmares and flashbacks I am getting.”

In addition, dealing with numerous court postponements was another factor that was setting her healing progress back.

She said the hardest thing she had to deal with was being financially dependant on her family after having her fair share of financial freedom taken.

“I was so used to doing things by myself, but now it is back to square one and it is really hard.

“Due to the scars on my body, I had to quit jobs doing brand promotions and working at a club because we normally have dress codes which are sometimes revealing.

“I can't wear (outfits that) comply with the code with all these scars,” Chuma said.

Mkhonto was arrested and charged with attempted murder. He has appeared in court several times, with the case being postponed.

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