Dianne Rose Ayres Picture: Facebook
Pretoria - Shocked social media users have taken to Facebook to mourn the passing of Pretoria woman Dianne Rose Ayres, whose mutilated body was found in the middle of the N1 highway near Stormvoel Toll Plaza last week.

They also vented their anger about the continuous violent crimes against women and children.

Reports suggest the 36-year-old went missing after attending a friend’s funeral, when she went on a walk at night but never returned.

Ayres of Kilner Park went missing on Wednesday and her body was found a week later.

Tiane van Der Mescht wrote on Facebook: “I still can’t believe this happened to you Dianne Rose Ayres it is heartbreaking what you went through speechless. May you shine bright in the afterlife, my condolences.”

Werner Diedericks said: “It’s really heartbreaking, please look after your brothers and sisters, we are all family.”

Even those who did not know the deceased personally were touched by her tragic death.

“I did not know her either. May she rest in peace. But the sad reality is, it is happening everywhere. Children and women get murdered everyday in horrifying ways in our country. Something has to be done,” Andrisa Prins wrote.

Search parties were launched after Ayres went missing, for her body to turn up in the middle of the road, badly damaged. Her face was missing, her throat had been cut, as had her hands and feet.

Speculation, by the police, was that she had been thrown onto the road and subsequently run over by several vehicles before someone called the police.

A case of murder is being investigated.

On Twitter Jamie-Lee Smith said: “ I didn’t know her either but I’m also deeply horrified. Shocking what monstrous things people can do to innocent souls.”

Others even called for the death penalty to be brought back.

Disgruntled Winston Ayres said South Africa was worse than hell itself: “Diana, You are with God now and safe. I will get arrested for speaking my mind if I keep going. Monsters should be hanged,” Winston said.

Patrick Cannell agreed with Winston and said: “Bring back the death penalty and carry it out. No lengthy drawn out appeals etc. And make it known. That will scare these criminals off. Sick to core. The only sympathy that should be shown is to the friends and family.”

Police spokesperson Captain Coba Brits said said they were investigating a case of homicide. “Her body had several injuries, the cause of which will be determined in an autopsy.”

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