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Pretoria - A stuntwoman who suffered devastating injuries during the filming of the world-renowned science fiction action film Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, during a scene which was shot outside Pretoria, had instituted a claim for more than R40-million in damages against various stakeholders.

Olivia Jackson’s career as an actress and stuntwoman is now over, it was stated in papers before the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria.

She was known around the world as a stunt double for top actresses such as Charlize Theron.

She suffered a multitude of injuries, including head injuries, a punctured lung, facial injuries and an amputated finger when things went wrong during one of the action scenes. 

Jackson also lost her left arm due to the accident. It was amputated months later due to complications.

The scene was shot on September 5, 2015 along the N4 extension near Pelindaba. 

She was driving at high speed on a racing motorbike while being filmed by a camera fitted onto a mechanical crane. This was in turn fitted to a vehicle, which drove towards her while filming her from the front. 

The sequence was planned so that the camera would start filming from a position close to the road surface and then would be lifted up to pass over her head at very close range, to allow her to pass safely underneath. 

But things went wrong when it started to rain and the camera was lifted too late. It hit her off the motorbike and shattered nearly every bone in her body. 

She spent 17 days in a coma. 

Jackson is, among others, suing the Road Accident Fund, as well as the camera operator, the driver of the vehicle to which the camera was attached to and the director of the film - all in their personal capacities. 

The camera crane operator Gustav Marais, in court papers, said it takes less than a minute to complete the run and there was not much time to assess the severity of the rain from inside the vehicle. 

He said Jackson would have had to squint and hide from the rain beating on her face. But, he said, she made no attempt to slow down and she could have simply applied the brakes, which would have avoided the collision. 

Jackson meanwhile stated she earned at least R200 000 a month as a stunt performer. She was due to relocate to the UK to do stunt work there, where her income was estimated at £20 000 a month. She was now rendered unemployable, she said.

The case is due to be heard sometime next year.

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