Stylist airs details of Gigaba affair

Published Dec 1, 2015


Johannesburg - The rumours around Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba having an extramarital affair with Buhle Mkhize are growing more concrete by the day.

And now they seem more solid after an open letter from Mkhize, his alleged mistress.

Her name became public knowledge after she was embroiled in a nasty Instagram spat with Gigaba’s wife Noma, who called Mkhize a prostitute.

In her open letter, published on gossip website Just Curious on Monday, Mkhize details every step of her alleged year-long relationship with Gigaba and and states it is over and that she is sorry it happened.

She wrote: “I can never take back what I’ve done but I am focused on living with a clean conscience from now on. I’m happy to have this cloud off my shoulders.”

The yoga teacher and stylist said she didn’t know Gigaba was on the brink of marriage when they began their fling. She said that after finding out about the marriage, she had confronted him and asked why he was having the affair. “He explained that he’d been married in the past and had an ugly divorce that didn’t sit well with some members of the public.

“He also said he wanted to succeed politically and had kids with Noma, and it wouldn’t be the right image for him to have the record of an ugly divorce and then a baby mama who in his own words basically cornered him into marrying her.”

Gigaba and Noma have two sons together. Mkhize, who lives in New York with her own husband, recounted some of the messages sent by the minister. One of them read: “Please talk to me, will be on flight to Cape Town now and will call when I land. I can’t take this, the silence is too loud. In the case you are wondering, I have fallen in love with you.”

She said that “the SA intelligence office” tried to buy her silence.

“The SA intelligence office started making the calls when I began the public rants. The negotiation was them giving me half a million rand to sign a non-disclosure which to me clarifies that the parting gift in June was indeed to buy my silence.”

She said Gigaba gave her multiple cash gifts, one of which he called a “parting gift”.

Mkhize ended by saying she was spilling all the details because she was trying to defend herself from Noma.

“I’ve apologised privately and publicly to her for my hand in this and all I want is her to stop dragging my name in the mud. I made a terrible mistake and hurt a man who loves me.

“I’m not desperate for any money, I have a very comfortable life with a man who can afford anything I want. I’m happy to have come clean publicly so that she can stop making any threats about exposing me.”

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