Dr Luke Gordon

Johannesburg - One was promised a six-pack. The other was promised a flat stomach and firm breasts.

However, when they left their plastic surgeon’s room, one had been “turned into Frankenstein” and the other was serrated: it looked like a blunt knife had been used to operate.

Dr Luke Gordon’s patients cried on Thursday as they explained the effect the botched surgeries had on their lives.

The doctor refused to attend the Health Professions Council of South Africa committee hearing.

The council has been criticised in the past for allowing the plastic surgeon to continue practising despite complaints of botched operations.

In the last few years, Gordon has paid more than R4.5 million to clients. In 2000, 2007 and 2008, the council found him guilty after patients complained of his work.

Kerry*, a musician, wanted her G cup breasts reduced to a D. She also wanted an abdominoplasty to get rid of fat on her tummy.

She paid R55 800 for both operations, but things went horribly wrong a few days later. The flesh on her breasts started rotting, oozing pus and smelling.

The wounds gaped open, she said. However, Gordon kept assuring her that everything was fine.

Recalling her ordeal after the August 2011 surgery, Kerry wept.

“I have no feeling on the right breast. The skin on the nipples looks like corrugated iron. The right nipple is completely deformed.” Her breasts are still big.

Donald* wanted a flat stomach without love handles and a six-pack, which Gordon allegedly promised him.

He went for an abdominoplasty in November 2012. Just like Kerry, the wounds went septic and he did not get the desired results.

“My whole body is (now) scarred… The surgery took a part of my life away,” he said.

After three Caesareans, a hysterectomy and breast-feeding had taken their toll on her breasts and abdomen, Myrna Bothma decided to have a tummy tuck, liposuction and a breast lift.

She spent more than R60 000 on the procedures.

Instead of a new body, Bothma has terrible scars on her breasts and abdomen. Her breasts are still saggy, the liposuction was not done, her navel is off-centre and she still has a big tummy.

Naomi Gomes was friends with Gordon’s wife, who had recommended the doctor, telling her he was the best surgeon.

With her double D cup, she was desperate for a reduction.

Her breasts are still as big as they were before the operation. She has terrible scars, her right breast is hard, and wearing a bra makes the breasts sore.

On Thursday, the 45-year-old cried bitterly during her testimony.

“I can’t believe that you can do something like that to someone you know,” she said.

* Not their real names

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