Terror-accused twins Brandon-Lee and Tony-Lee Thulsie appeared in the Johannesburg High Court on Wednesday

JOHANNESBURG - The Johannesburg High Court heard on Wednesday that the trial of terror accused twins Brandon-Lee and Tony-Lee Thulsie was still not ready to proceed.

State prosecutor Chris MacAdam said that evidence from foreign countries was still outstanding.

The Thulsie twins were arrested and put behind bars in July 2016 and have been charged with conspiracy, incitement to commit the crime of terrorism and conspiring and attempting to commit acts associated with terrorist activities.

The duo stood in the dock in black Muslim clothing.

"We have to get to a point where we say no more delays," MacAdam said.

MacAdam told Judge Raylene Keightley that they were preparing a list of how much evidence each of their witnesses would be providing the court. 

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The case was postponed to July 31 for further pre-trial proceedings and the accused will remain in custody.

In an indictment submitted to the court in April 2017, the State listed 12 activities the twins were allegedly instructed to carry out, using firearms, explosives and possibly poison.

The indictment stated that, in August 2015 Tony-Lee participanted in a series of telegram chats with Abu Fidaa, an ISIS network, and other persons whose real identities are unknown to the State. He was allegedly instructed to commit various crimes which included attacking US/British/French interests in SA, killing cartoonist Zapiro, who drew the Messenger of Allah cartoon, and killing affluent Jews.

Other targets allegedly included King David High School in Linksfield, Johannesburg, the UK High Commission, the US and Russian embassies, and Jewish community events and foreign interests at airports.

African News Agency/ANA