Tony-Lee and Brandon-Lee Thulsie have remained in custody since their arrests last year on terrorism charges. Picture: Facebook

Johannesburg - The trial of terror accused twins, Brandon-lee and Tony-lee Thulsie, is set to begin at the South Gauteng High Court in October.

"The documents that have been handed to you are authority from the DPP, the trial will be at the High Court Gauteng division and the date set is 20 October 2017, and you have been served with an indictment that contains the charges you are facing and a summary of the evidence the State has against you," Magistrate Piet Du Plessis told the twins during proceedings at the Johannesburg Magistrates Court on Thursday.

The Thulsie twins were arrested in July 2016 and have been charged with conspiracy and incitement to commit the crime of terrorism and conspiring and attempting to commit acts associated with terrorist activities.

State prosecutor Adele Barnard confirmed that the State had received authorisation from the Director of Public Prosecutions in August and had applied for a pretrial date which was set for 20 October and they had requested that the matter be transferred to the high court on that date.

The accused were served with the full indictment for the trial and defence attorney Annelene Van den Heever confirmed that the twins would be represented once the matter was heard at the high court.