Henrico Barnard.
Henrico Barnard.

TikTok user Henrico Barnard uses K-word in Muldersdrift shooting rant, calls black people parasites

By Robin-Lee Francke Time of article published Nov 17, 2021

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A Tik Tok user’s racist rant which was sparked by the Muldersdrift guest house shooting, is being assessed by the legal team of the SA Human Rights Commission.

This comes after Tik Tok user Henrico Barnard repeatedly used the K-word and called black people parasites, after a police officer shot Pretoria man Len Cloete in the head which landed him in a coma after he disarmed a policewoman during a heated verbal altercation at a Muldersdrift lodge at the weekend.

Barnard had social media in an uproar after he made a video reflecting angrily at the Misty Hills Lodge shooting.

Police officers had reportedly been called to the lodge after Cloete was kicked out by the manager of the lodge.

Barnard released two videos earlier this week which have since been removed from his social media, however, screen recordings of the racist videos have been reposted on Twitter, leading Barnard to offer an apology.

In one video, filmed in Afrikaans, Barnard referred to the officers who were on the scene as the K-word several times.

He then dared the police to arrest him and declared that he would shoot them. He also said the police were the K-word and “devils” who “know nothing”.

In another video, Barnard said he felt like driving in his car and killing black South Africans, again, calling them the K-word.

He also said he would knock over a police officer or burn down a police station.

“Ek is gatvol van hierdie [k-word] van hierdie land (I am tired of these [K-word] of this country”.

Barnard also invoked German dictator Adolf Hitler, saying he was a fan adding that black people deserved to suffer the same fate as the Jews under Nazi reign.

A spokesperson for the Human Rights Commission could not be reached by phone on Wednesday, Algoa FM News reported that the institution was aware of the video and that it had notified it’s legal team to look into the matter.

Late on Wednesday, Barnard apologised for his racist rant.

“Hi everyone, I, Henrico Barnard, want to apologise for the videos that I posted. It was cruel and I do apologise to each and everyone. I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive. I’m going off social media,” he said.

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