File photo by Simphiwe Mbokazi

Johannesburg - Bunking school almost turned deadly when a Grade 2 pupil was mowed down by a minibus taxi on Wednesday.

Eight-year-old Doris Mashego was dragged for at least 40m before the vehicle stopped. People had to rush to the scene to lift up the minibus taxi so that she could be pulled from underneath it.

The accident happened just after 8am in Zandspruit, near Honeydew.

Her parents, James Baloyi and Brenda Mashego, said Doris and her 10-year-old-sister Queen wore their normal clothes underneath their uniforms, and when they were out of sight, they took off their uniforms.

They were apparently on their way to get money for a friend’s mother.

John Kent, the director of Excelsior Learning Centre, called the emergency services as the accident happened just outside his school.

He was told by the owner of a business opposite his school that the girls were busy going through rubbish bins when they spotted another bin on the other side of the road. When they tried to cross, one girl was hit by the taxi, said Kent.

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