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Johannesburg - A 45 year-old Tshwane Metro Police Department officer was arrested for alleged corruption, the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) said on Thursday.

Spokesperson Simon Zwanr said that the National Traffic Anti-Corruption Unit led by the South African Police Services Gauteng special task unit and supported by the Gauteng Traffic Police’s compliance unit arrested him on the Metro Police department's Centurion offices, after receiving a complaint by a motorist that the officer had taken a R1 000 bribe from him.

"The motorist had apparently been stopped for allegedly failing to stop at a red traffic light. The officer allegedly demanded a bribe when the motorist failed to produce a driver's licence. The motorist was allegedly accompanied to an ATM where he withdrew the cash and handed it over. Later he laid a complaint with the anti-corruption unit," Zwane said.

"Weeks of painstaking investigations led the law enforcement to the officer at the Centurion offices where the arrested. The officer is expected to appear in court next on a charge of corruption and a possible 15 years imprisonment if found guilty." 

Zwane said that the ant-corruption team had arrested over 20 people, including traffic officers, civilians and bogus doctors in a concerted drive to deal with bribery, fraud and corruption.