An artists impression of the Symbio-City project planned for Centurion whose construction is expected to be completed in 2018.

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Despite challenges, significant progress has been made in all eight catalytic projects initiated by the City of Tshwane that will culminate with the centralisation of government departments and a transformation of the nation’s capital.

The projects were conceptualised in line with council policies in pursuit of spatial transformation and economic growth.

An update on the projects was provided by executive mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa at a media briefing in Centurion.

He said work on the West Capital project, which included Schubart Park, had started. Site establishment and offices have been concluded and all loose building material and rubble on the property cleared.

The long-term lease was endorsed by the Deeds Office.

Both the site development and building plans were submitted for approval.

All statutory requirements for the African Gateway Development in Centurion have been completed.

These included public participation and submission of letters to the Treasury.

A report to council has been finalised to conclude land alienation.

Geological drilling on site has been completed in preparation for building works. Development plans have been submitted to the city for approval.

A report on Centurion Infrastructure Master Plan has been considered and approved by council.

Engagements are ongoing with internal stakeholders in preparation for public consultation. The Symbio-City Development, also in Centurion, is in the making, with requirements for land alienation completed. The final report on the first phase of East Capital development concept has been submitted to the city. Reports on the proposed Government Boulevard as well as Cultural/Time Square precinct in the city centre have also been finalised.

The reports cover aspects including existing built form and land uses, elements of historical and heritage value, existing government development initiatives and street-scaping development initiatives.

Final urban design framework for the Government Boulevard, as well as that of Northern Gateway and Salvokop precincts have been finalised and submitted.

The alienation of Northern Gateway property has also been finalised.

The Tshwane House partnership agreement has been concluded between the city and Tsela Tshweu Consortium. The signing ceremony is scheduled for next month.

Completion of the city’s new headquarters is scheduled for December next year.


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