Pretoria - The University of Pretoria has suspended two female students who recorded a video in which derogatory and racist language is evident and then posted it on social media.

University spokesperson Candice Jooste said investigations into the incident were already under way.

She strongly condemned the use of derogatory language by the students involved.

“Yes, the two women in the video are students at the University of Pretoria.

“An investigation into the matter is under way and the students have been suspended pending a disciplinary inquiry,” she said.

In the video, the two white students who seemed drunk at the time,were heard saying “the f***** k***** stole my phone” repeatedly.

The video appeared to have been recorded during the night as the background was dark with the background noise of people and loud music.

The video was mistakenly sent to a student’s WhatsApp group called Physiotherapy and subsequently spread to other social media platforms.

In the group, one of the two students tried apologising on behalf of her friend.

“Guys, please ignore that.

“My very drunk friend.

“I really apologise from the bottom of my heart to anyone that’s been offended - so sorry, completely unacceptable. She’s been sent home,” the friend wrote.

But some students in the group did not take it lying down.

“So tell me here, so you expecting us to keep quiet after all the drama you have posted?,” one student asked.

“Can you please clarify with some of us what you have just said?” the student added.

There were, however, mixed reactions regarding the video, with some saying there was nothing racist about it.

It was said that the student was merely expressing her frustrations about what had happened. 

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