277 21/10/2013 A man gets socked in the rain as he crosses the street in Johannesburg, as the rain season begin. Picture: Giyani Baloi

Johannesburg - Two people were trapped in Diepsloot after their vehicle got caught in floodwaters, Johannesburg emergency services said on Friday.

Spokesman Robert Mulaudzi said the rainy weather had caused several accidents accross Johannesburg in the morning.

“We are on high alert. We will be monitoring all the low-lying areas,” he said.

“We have an incident in Diepsloot where a vehicle was trapped in flood waters. The road was flooded. Our rescue team is busy rescuing people inside the vehicle. Two people are trapped,” he said.

Another three people were injured in a serious accident on the M1 North in Strijdompark.

Also on the M1 North, two more accidents were reported near Newtown and Wineburg, and another accident happened on the Soweto highway.

“We also had a truck that went into a wall in Douglasdale but there were no injuries.”

He warned motorists to avoid flooded areas.

“If the road is flooded, take an alternative route. Motorists and pedestrians need to be vigilant.” - Sapa