Alice Mkuzangwe the director at the directorate of academic planning accreditation and registration at Unisa, is accused of harassing, bullying and treating her subordinates like maids.

PRETORIA - An employee at the University of South Africa (Unisa) on Tuesday, told the South African Human Rights Commission that her director bullied her, made her run her personal errands during office hours and also shouted at her for where she bought cake.

Masello Moekoa, who is an administrative assistant in academic planning to the director at the directorate of academic planning accreditation and registration, Alice Mkuzangwe, was making her written submissions to the investigation panel on Tuesday.

This was the final leg of the hearing since it started on February 20, following a request from the Unisa’s Vice Chancellor, Prof Mandla Makhanya, to investigate allegations of unfair discrimination, racism, sexism, and harassment at the Unisa College of Law.

Moekoa described Mkuzangwe as a heartless bully who made unreasonable demands and created difficult working conditions for her subordinates.

"One day I fell sick and vomited in the office, she refused that I go home and said I didn't look sick to her," Moekoa said.

Moekoa said Mkuzangwe treated her like her personal assistant and had even asked her to fetch party packs for her son. On numerous occasions, she had to go to her house to fetch whatever item Mkuzangwe had forgotten.

"I was required to come to the office as as early as 7.30am so that I can clean her office and make sure that it's dusted," Moekoa said.

Moekoa continued to make shocking claims against Mkuzangwe and said she was told to keep her door open all the times.

"We were not allowed to take leave and also not allowed to be friends with each other."

In her defence, Mkuzangwe accused the executive director in academic planning at Unisa, professor Peter Havenga for making the working environment intolerable for black women in his department. 

Moekoa dismissed Mkuzangwe's claims and said this was an attempt to cover her misconduct.

She accused Mkuzangwe of twisting information to paint Havenga in a negative light.

Moekoa defended Havenga and said he has been trying to protect workers under Mkuzangwe's unbearable leadership.

African News Agency/ANA