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Pretoria – Veteran retired Pretoria News photographer Etienne Creux, 68, passed away on Tuesday evening in a hospital in Bethlehem in the Free State following a battle with cancer.

“We note with sadness the passing of our dear former colleague, “ Pretoria News editor Val Boje said.

Etienne has worked for the Pretoria News for more than 25 years before he retired in the small town of Paul Roux three years ago.

"There are so many adjectives and phrases that can be used to describe but but none can do justice to one damn fine man. Gentle giant, champion for justice, photographer, reporter, mentor, adventurer, husband, dad, foodie, reader, music lover, biker, fisherman, world’s oldest teenager, and even food gardener, Etienne embraced life and lived it to the full. He had a twinkle in his eye and an easy laugh, but was fiercely protective of those around him and detested injustice."

Creux loved the capital city and its history and was proud to have attended Boys High.

He started off at the Pretoria News in the works and was witness to the changes in printing and the hot metal press.

He had his own printing business and then made his way back to the Pretoria News, this time as a photographer.

He was a familiar face around the city, no assignment was too big or too small for him and he loved engaging with people.

He was always open to learning something new and was curious about the world.

While in the photographic department Creux was once more part of change in the print industry, going from shooting on film to digital. He often spoke of his admiration for the late Walter Pitso who taught him so much.

He had a wealth of experience that he was always ready to share and gathered a clutch of young journalists around him. To them he was mentor, counsellor, and friend.

“Etienne was so much more than a mentor, he would not shy away from telling you when you were out of line, but would also praise you and give you a boost when your spirits were flagging. He had integrity and has been a lasting influence on many of us. In his special way he taught us the importance of hard work, being professional and standing up for what is right,” said former colleague and friend Tania Stapelberg.

She said he cared about the people in the photographs he took and wanted their story to be told.

“He also taught us the importance of family, he adored his daughters Nicky and Michelle and was always so proud of them. He and his wife Anne were a formidable team."

Diane de Beer, also a former colleague, said: Etienne Creux was probably the photographer I worked with longest just because we had both been part of the Pretoria News for so many decades. Most news photographers are happy and often take an interest in the arts because of the image possibilities but for Etienne it was more than that. He was deeply involved and passionate about the arts, especially music which made it such fun from a work point of view, “ said de Beer.

He retired from the Pretoria News three years ago and went to live in the little town of Paul Roux outside Bethlehem.

Creux the Englishman took to country life in a big way, planting olive and walnut trees, growing and selling vegetables and even taking up lawn bowls.

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