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Johannesburg - One of the victims of an alleged Tembisa serial rapist was on Monday expected to reveal gruesome details of what transpired on the fateful she was raped.

This victim, who can't be named due to the nature of the crime, was brutally raped, robbed and assaulted in 2014, allegedly by Joseph Rasempane Mahloma.

Mahloma is currently standing trial at the Johannesburg High Court for, among others, 22 counts of rape, 17 for kidnapping and two for sexual assault.

His alleged reign of terror  began in 2011 and ended in 2014 in the Ekurhuleni township.

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Mahloma's 16th victim, who will not be identified in order to protect her identity, is expected to give horrid details of her alleged rape by the accused in July 2014.

The victim alleges to have been raped by Mahloma and an unknown accomplice after the accused allegedly kidnapped her at gunpoint.

It is alleged that Mahloma and his accomplice took her to an abandoned field in Tembisa where they took turns raping her.

The trial began last year and had to be postponed after Mahloma's previous lawyer died. 

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