Picture: Ntando Makhubu

Pretoria - As the second day of the Anglican Diocese of Pretoria's Synod took off on Friday morning, robust discussions and debates took off in earnest.

Clergy from across the region gathered at St Mary's Church in Pretoria North to set the tone for the next three years of Church activities.

Among issues raised was praise for the Church as it forged ahead with ordaining women into positions of leadership.

The Anglican Church was the first to ordain women into the clergy 25 years ago and a call to elevate capable women even further was made.

Rev Patricia Olson, first female to be ordained into position of pastor in Anglican Diocese, Pretoria. Video: Ntando Makhubu

On Friday morning Reverend Canon Patricia Olson from Good Shepherd Church in Eesteruss spoke of the initial hardships of being a woman overseeing worship.

She was a deacon when she was ordained 20 years ago, and she said: "....it was as if the male priests were being challenged.
"When we started it was a great challenge, males would get preference even though you were responsible for duties."
It had slowly changed over time. 

"Today you do not have to stand back for any priest," she added.

The three day gathering will continue into Saturday afternoon as the decisions to guide practice, by the highest decision making body, deliberate.

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