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Thursday, June 30, 2022

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WATCH: Eastgate’s Nail Me salon owner swears at staff in shocking viral video

The owner of the Nail Me Bar at the Eastgate Shopping Centre confronts an employee in an angry exchange caught on video and circulated on social media. Picture: Screenshot

The owner of the Nail Me Bar at the Eastgate Shopping Centre confronts an employee in an angry exchange caught on video and circulated on social media. Picture: Screenshot

Published Oct 16, 2019


Johannesburg - An altercation between a shop owner and an employee at a beauty bar based at the Eastgate Shopping Centre has gone viral on social media, forcing centre management to distance itself from the insults and profanity on the video. 

In two video clips which went viral on social media, the owner of the Nail Me beauty bar is seen in a verbal and physical confrontation with her staff members. 

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In one video, which appears to be secretly recorded before the shop was open for business with no customers in sight, the video starts with the owner screaming angrily at the employee, calling on her to ‘get out’.  

The owner is then seen shoving the employee in the video, before the employee stands her ground and appears to shove her back as she continues shouting at her.  

%%%twitter">#NailMesalon Eastgate. There is never an excuse for going off like this. Disgusting. #VerbalAbuse. You can contact them on 078-300-2306 to voice your disapproval.

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— PigSpotter™ Pty Ltd (@PigSpotter)

“Who do you think you are, how dare you scream at me like that,” says the owner at the start of the video, to which the worker responds that she did not shout at her. “I didn’t scream at you,” says the employee

After the two grapple for a few seconds, the owner walks away still furious. She then fires another salvo directed at the worker: “Go shout at your f%$#&en mother. Don’t shout at me, f&*k off man,” said the shop owner.  

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The employee appears to take offence and is seen removing and folding her apron before the video is halted. In another video, the owner is seen confronting an employee who has been at the loo for 20 minutes. 

“Where have you been? The toilet for f&^*#n 20minutes and there is only two people here,” she scolds. She is then seen calling for an impromptu staff meeting with her employees. 

Speaking to Independent Media on Wednesday, Alana Hoskin, the marketing manager of the Eastgate Shopping Centre, said the nail bar was closed for business on Wednesday while the owners grappled with the situation. 

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She said the shopping centre was aware of the video and had spoken to the owner to express that they did not condone her behaviour and that the shopping centre management did not associate with the type of behaviour on display in the viral video. 

 “We have recommended that she puts an apology out on social media,” said Hoskin. 

 She also said the shop owner had alleged that the video was not a true reflection of what transpired and said the video could be edited “From our side as the shopping centre, we are aware of the incident, but we cannot give any comment outside of saying we are waiting to hear from the owner and her lawyers,” she said.  

Calls to the Nail Me Bar at Eastgate were not successful. 

Meanwhile, the video reached Twitter on Wednesday morning, with many condemning the actions of the nail bar owner.


Apparently "This is Nail Me salon Eastgate, this lady is abusing the staff. !!!"

— Catchvibe Moatshe (@IamCatchvibe)


— #Pleasecallme Movement (@modise_setoaba)

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