Image: @Mpoww_D on Twitter.
Image: @Mpoww_D on Twitter.

Johannesburg - A Randburg high school teacher's comments on "idiotic blacks" have sparked an intense debate on race on social media. 

On Sunday, @Mpoww_D shared multiple videos showing a teacher at a Randburg school ranting to pupils while taking roll call, saying pupils could choose to remain idiots and not change, seemingly referring to some black pupils.

She then said her sister and her fellow schoolmates had to endure the "racist behaviour" at Hoerskool Die Burger on a daily basis. 

In the first video, the teacher is captured telling disruptive pupils they can stay idiots and not change their behaviour, adding that was the reason they did not achieve anything. 

"They always laugh about it... that's why you guys don't achieve. That's why you only invented peanut butter.

"You don't have to change, you can stay an idiot. You don't have to change Khumalo, you can stay an absolute idiot... and laugh at everything."

The teacher then continues in this vein for a few minutes before resuming his roll call. As he continues with this task, laughter breaks out and he then questions the reason behind the laughter. 

"What's funny... what's funny with the idiotic blacks. Remember one thing: there is no such thing as an idiot, only one that wants to be," he says. 

"I can show you wonderful videos, I've got sounds and everything, of idiotic blacks talking. That's the video we're watching now. Sorry I call the word idiotic and black because I don't believe in idiots and neither do I believe in blacks."

The videos drew mixed reaction on social media, with some users saying that while the teacher's conduct was unacceptable, it could not be deemed racist. 

The department of education confirmed that the school was aware of the incident and that the teacher had been issued with a final warning over his conduct. 

See some of the reactions to the video below: