Picture: Pretoria News
Pretoria - “Burn, burn and burn” - so shouted protesting students nurses outside the SA Nursing Council building in Pretoria on Friday morning.

The members of the Democratic Nursing Organisation of SA occupied the building and demanded to speak to management. 

This was in response to the decision to cancel examinations written in May and rewrite them after speculation that exam papers were leaked.

When students demanded to speak to management they were told that the CEO was in a meeting and could not meet up with them.

"What is more important though, the meeting or us?” they asked but did not get any response from the messenger, believed to be an official. 

The students then started shouting “burn, burn, and burn” and with that, they threw trash at the entrance and set it alight. 

They have vowed not to leave the premises until they are addressed and get what they want. 

Pretoria News