Picture: Twitter screenshot
Johannesburg - The Pretoria City Mission Methodist Church on Tuesday confirmed it was investigating events relating to a sexual harassment protest held at the church on Monday. 

This comes after videos emerged on social media showing a group of women disrupting what appears to be a service by walking up to the pulpit with placards in hand.

The small group of women are seen standing in front of the pulpit in protest and at one point, church leaders appear to try and stop them and in the end, get into an argument with a few of them. 

Shortly afterwards, the women are seen being escorted off the stage and out of the church. It is believed the protest was against a church leader accused of sexual harassment.

The videos have since garnered attention on social media, with users praising the women for their braveness and calling out the church for failing to defend the women.

Bishop Themba Mtambo confirmed that the protest took place and that it was against alleged sexual harassment. 

"We can confirm that it was against one church leader, who was accused of sexual harassment," he said. 

Mtambo said that the church was still investigating the circumstances around the protest as well as the allegations. 

A statement is expected to be released soon on the incident, he added.