Residents during a protest in Diepkloof, Soweto over housing. Picture: Khanyisile Ngcobo
Johannesburg – "We are tired of living like sardines while rich government officials live in luxury." These were the words of Marcia Ntimbane during a protest in Diepkloof, Soweto over housing.

Residents allege they've been waiting for houses since 1996, to no avail.

They accused the government of putting its own interest over those of the people.

"You have a situation where you find many shacks in one yard, making life difficult," Ntimbane said.

"There's simply no privacy and we are fed-up with these living conditions."

Ntimbane added that their demands were continually being ignored while foreigners continued to get houses.

She vowed protests would continue until the demands for housing are met.

"Government must put the needs of the those who voted for them and not their own; this can't continue, she said.

It remains unclear if officials have met with residents to address the burning issue.