25/07/2005 - JHB High Court - Donovan Moodley, moments before he confessed to three of the charges against him for the murder and kidnapoping Leigh Matthews. Pic Thys Dullaart, Story Nalisha/Gill.

Johannesburg - For the past couple of years Donovan Moodley’s parents have kept a low profile. In 2005 they were thrust into the spotlight over their son’s murder conviction.

The couple spent days sitting on the benches of courtroom 2A at the Johannesburg High Court - relentlessly supporting their son, while his father testified to feeling “ashamed” of being associated with such a heinous crime.

This week the Saturday Star visited Moodley’s father Stephen and mother Mary at their Alberton home. Two colourful children’s bicycles stood in the yard.

Mary emerged from the couple’s home with a radiant smile. “Can I help you?” she asked.

When informed of what the paper intended to do, she politely called her husband who spoke through the gate. He declined to comment on their well-being or how the past decade had been without their son.

“Unfortunately we cannot comment. We haven’t spoken to him. We would have to before we speak to you,” said Stephen. It is unclear if they haven’t spoken to their son since his last appearance in court in 2012. When asked about Moodley’s sister, Michal, who was equally supportive during his trial, Stephen further declined to comment on her whereabouts or how she was doing.

“I’m afraid I can’t tell you that,” he said.

At his last court appearances Moodley appeared to have lost weight. While investigator Piet Byleveld at the time indicated he was extremely sick, his current health status is unknown.

- Saturday Star