Amor Vittone, Joost van der Westhuizen's widow, has no idea what TV set she is suppose to inherit in terms of his will, her lawyer said. File picture: African News Agency/ANA

Pretoria - Amor Vittone, Joost van der Westhuizen's widow has no idea what TV set she is supposed to inherit in terms of his will. She in any event has her own TV, her lawyer said.

He told  IOL that he received instructions from Amor to apply for leave to appeal against this week’s order that Joost’s 2015 will was his final wish.

In terms of a clause in that will, Amor will only inherit a television set. It was stated that Amor and each of her children will inherit one of the three TV sets in the upstairs bedroom of his Dainfern home.

“Ask the Van der Westhuizen family which TV this is. We have no idea,” Hefferman said. He added that if they wanted to disinherit her, they should have left her nothing. “Why then leave her a TV?”.

He said Amor was extremely upset when she heard the news that Joost’s 2015 will was accepted by the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, as his last wish and testament.

Once she got over the shock, she gave instructions to appeal the verdict. He said Amor was not ready to speak to the media at this stage.

Lawyer Ferdinand Hartzenberg,  who was Joost’s lawyer at the time, signed the 2015 will on Joost’s behalf, as the latter was so ill with Motor Neuron Disease that he could not use his hands to grip a pen to sign.

This caused a legal problem for the Master of the High Court, as Hartzenberg also acted as the commissioner of oath at the time. The master rejected this will, which meant that an earlier will in terms of which Amor inherited her estranged husband’s assets, would have been accepted.

While it is true that Amor will only inherit a TV in her personal capacity, she will continue to receive a monthly maintenance from the J9 Trust to care for the couple’s two children. All Joost’s assets will go into the trust, which in turn will pay for the children’s maintenance.

The will only inherit the money once they have reached adulthood.

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