Alleged 28s gang kingpin, Ralph Stanfield, with his wife, Nicole Stanfield. File picture: Willem Law
Johannesburg - Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward who saw the drive-by shooting of alleged gangster Ralph Stanfield.

“We don’t know how many suspects there were or what car was used,” said police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo, adding that police had not established the motive.

Stanfield, the alleged 28s gang boss in Cape Town, was shot several times in his luxury Audi R8 car in a Johannesburg complex on Thursday. The passenger was unhurt.

Stanfield tried to drive himself to hospital, but lost control and crashed into three cars.

“He is in a critical condition in hospital,” said Masondo.

Over the past year, an apparent gang war has been simmering on the Cape Flats. Stanfield is the fourth alleged gang boss to have been targeted this year.

Just three days before the drive-by shooting, Junaid Arendse, the alleged leader of the Junior Mafias, and his friend Tariq Davids, were shot near Arendse's home.

On June 29, Marwaan Dinky Desai, the alleged gang boss of the Nice Time Kids, and Shaheem Mohamed were gunned down at a Caltex garage.

A month earlier, alleged Sexy Boys 26s gang boss Jerome “Donkie” Booysen, was shot in another drive-by shooting in Ravensmead.

Stanfield allegedly comes from a line of gangsters including his uncle Colin Stanfield who was convicted of tax evasion and died of cancer in 2004. His cousin is convicted 28s boss Saliem John.

Last year, Stanfield’s lawyer Noorudien Hassan was shot dead.

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