#NotInMyName on Wednesday joined the social media pleas for activists who are seeking to reconnect a young woman with her family. Picture: ANA Reporter

Pretoria - Baffled by the strange behaviour of a young woman, who apparently has also forgotten her personal details, the police in Garsfontein, east of Pretoria, called for an ambulance which took the "screaming" woman to the Tshwane District Hospital.

Gauteng police spokesperson, Captain Kay Makhubela told African News Agency that the woman was taken to the hospital after she behaved strangely at the Garsfontein police station, on Tuesday. 

"We cannot say that she has lost her memory - we don't know that but what we know is that the lady came to the [Garsfontein] police station and made some noise. 

"Police called an ambulance and then she was taken to hospital. We don't know what was the cause of what she was doing," Makhubela said. 

He said police officers could see that the lady was "not herself". 

"We just wanted to help her. She could not explain anything in the police station. She was just screaming. The police had to intervene and get the relevant authorities to assist her. We do not know what her condition is in hospital, and what was the cause of that [behaviour]," Makhubela said. 

Civil rights movement #NotInMyName on Wednesday joined the social media pleas for activists seeking to reconnect the young woman with her family. The woman's face has been repeatedly shared on Facebook and Twitter. 

"Saddening to note, our intel suggests that she was with a group of foreign nationals accompanied by her 'friends' and may have consumed substances evidently impairing her neuronal activity," #NotInMyName secretary-general Themba Masango told African News Agency in Pretoria. 

"If you have any information about this, please contact #NOTINMYNAMESA immediately. We want to understand where the people she was with are, where they left her and what the investigations by the [South African Police Service] in Pretoria East have yielded, assuming that this matter is being prioritised with the urgency it deserves." 

The woman is said to be from Lesotho. Several posts have been made on Facebook on Wednesday, with well-wishers asking for the woman's family to get her at the Tshwane District Hospital.

African News Agency (ANA)