This screenshot shows the kiss that has sparked outrage among viewers. Picture: YouTube

Cape Town - A 45 second television advertorial featuring two gay men sharing a kiss over a dinner table has sparked outrage among South African viewers.

A number of broadcasters have reportdly also refused to air the controversial spot, aptly named "Kiss".

The advertisement was commissioned by, an initiative by the Anova Health Institute in conjunction with the Elton John Aids Foundation.

The advert which was released on February 21, is the first television ad to be aired locally showing two men kissing.

At the end of the commercial a condom is unwrapped and the words “So we’re definitely brave enough to cover up” appear onscreen.

Many social media users have branded the commercial “inappropriate”, “offensive and disgusting”, while concerns about family and younger viewers have also been raised.

Supporters of the ad, and the Aids prevention initiative, took to Twitter and We The Brave's Facebook page to express their dismay.