By Daily news correspondent

A Northern Cape pupil has opened crimen injuria charges after being implicated in a school sex video scandal.

The sexual romp was captured on a cellphone camera and circulated to many pupils at Kimberley schools via MMS messages and Bluetooth.

It is believed that two more sex videos were made, both of them at the Diamond Pavilion Mall.

People who were exposed to the sexually explosive footage say that the girl's expressions are visible while the boy's back is facing the camera.


The three-to-four-minute bedroom scene includes visuals of sexual organs.

"It was definitely not enacted. It is extremely graphic and there is moaning and groaning as well," witnesses said.

Voices in the background were apparently heard saying "don't show my face" while focusing on the boy's naked torso.

Constable Sergio Kock said a case of exposure and display of child pornography was being investigated by the Kimberley child protection unit, although no arrests had as yet been made.

He confirmed a crimen injuria charge had been opened by a pupil against the individuals who alleged that she was involved.

The girl has claimed that she is not the same person who was filmed on video.

It is believed the pupil became upset when she was informed by classmates that visuals of her were being distributed.

She decided to report the matter in an attempt to clear her name, after she managed to obtain the video clip on her cellphone.

The girl is estimated to be between the ages of 13 and 18 years, while the boy is believed to be from a local high school.

Pupils at Kimberley Girls' High (GHS) and Kimberley Boys' High schools who saw the videos were shocked and disgusted.

The girls' high school principal Helen Hugo expressed horror over the incident and said the matter was now in the hands of the police.

"We decided to act immediately."

She also praised the pupil for her bravery in coming forward and encouraged parents to be more involved in their children's lives.

Spokesperson for the department of education Douglas Mthukwane said the matter had also ben reported to the department on Monday.

"GHS decided that the issue should not be dealt with only at a school level and promptly contacted the police, he said.


"Education support service is helping the traumatised pupil, other affected pupils and their parents."

He pointed out that the incident did not take place on school grounds.

"Whenever such a case comes up, we deal with it. We have a unit that runs intervention programmes where officials visit schools to educate pupils on the dangers of this sort of behaviour."

Mthukwane warned that the filming, distribution, possession and/or participation in sexually explicit material were serious offences.

"Pupils found guilty will be dealt with internally according to the school's disciplinary code of conduct. This does not rule out the possibility of criminal prosecution, suspension, dismissal or expulsion."

The police have urged parents to monitor their children's cellphones and ensure that handsets are used for their intended purpose.